Belgium- The Kingdom of Chocolate & Beer!

Thinking about chocolate & beer there is only one place that pop up into our minds… Belgium!

First thing that comes to my mind after spending few months in student city in Belgium is definitely beer. Belgians are really proud of it and there are a lot of traditions concerning the way it should be served. First of all, in more famous bars like Delirium in Brussels you can expect to be offered a range of more that 1000 types of beer. Additionally, each beer has a rule in which glass can be served, which is really restricted. Once barman while bringing us a beer apologized that he is very sorry but they run out of specific type of glass ( I don’t need to add that we would not even realize his big mistake ?).


although Belgium is a really small country, it exports more than just beer.

I must admit, that as a sweetlover I really enjoyed their chocolate which is sold almost all over the world. Its really good quality mainly because of higher cocoa percentage in chocolate and beautiful chocolate stores.

Finally, when we consider food in Belgium we cannot forget about fries.

To be honest you can get them almost everywhere and with everything (like they can be inside sandwich called Mitrillette or even in…kebab). Unfortunately, apart from this Belgian cook has not a lot to offer. They do not have any traditional meals, which was little bit disappointing for us, travelers.

OK, food is important but there is much more than that.

Belgium was a rich country as they used to trade a lot. Therefore, although the Belgium area is not so big, you can find a few very pretty towns. Moreover, as Belgium did not take active part in war the buildings are not destroyed.

I was positively surprised by the possibilities of travelling in Belgium. You can go wherever you want for 5 euro while you’re a student. Thus, we travelled somewhere almost every week.



The top cities that we enjoyed the most are Brugge and Ghent. The former, is pretty amazing thanks to the canal, that was built to enable people to transport different products. Now, thanks to the combination of water and buildings you can enjoy nice atmosphere of the city and have city tour on boat.

The second one, is famous for great buildings like castles and churches. Because there are a lot of them, you can see some nice building anywhere you look in the city center so you feel a little bit like in little fairytale.

Finally, when you think about Belgium you cannot forget about capital – Brussels.

It is much bigger than the other cities and consists of many districts. You can see a big diversification of people and cultures, what I would say is typical for this city. For sure one of the most popular place is the EU district.

Finally, when it comes to people I must say they are one of the nicest population I have ever met. Although I cannot speak French (Belgium consist of two parts that speak different languages, which is really awkward at the beginning), I did not have so many problems with solving any problem, especially comparing to my experience in France. Moreover, all young people I met were open to other people and tolerant.

To sum up, I did not expect from such a small and not so popular country so much, but definitely I was positively surprised by diversification of places you can see, products worth trying and for sure people that I met ?

By Karolina


I’m excited to anounce that with this post we are opening our section Nuestros amigos. Karolina became one of my bests friends during my Erasmus in France and now she’s collaborating with us. Thank you Karo 🙂

You can get to know more about our friendship in Viajando en Navidad.

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